Bosque Farms, NMPopulation: 7681
Settled: 1930'sElevation: 4810
Motto: "Preserving Rural America"
Bosque Farms, New Mexico is a truly unique place to live!
We have lived in Bosque Farms for more than 15 years, and found it a wonderful place to raise a family! We'd like to tell you personally just why Bosque Farms is such a great place to live!
Bosque Farms New Mexico Community FairWhere else do local residents preserve an old-fahioned, annual Community Fair, complete with family-friendly activities like a greased-pole contest, rodeo, and talent show? This community tradition dates back generations, and offers local kids the opportunity to show off their rabbits, sheep, poultry, and other farm animals; to win blue ribbons for baking, canned goods, art work, garden produce, or 4H projects; to hunt for buried treasure in the "money pit," or enjoy Sno-cones and hot dogs while Mom and Grandma compete in the rolling-pin throw? The Bosque Farms Fair is a true slice of old Americana!
But there's much more that we love about Bosque Farms. There's no place else around Albuquerque where we felt so secure in allowing our young daughters to walk, bike, or ride horseback all over town without fears for their safety. With the virtually non-existent crime rate, we've never felt any need to lock our doors! We've enjoyed 4H and horsey activities at the Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena, and had neighbors share "Amish Friendship Bread" starter with us, so that we could, in turn, pass it along to others. we've loved watching "our" sandhill crane family hang out in our lush, irrigated pasture. We've stayed helathy with our own organically-raised beef and lamb and fresh-picked organic produce from the garden that produced everything from apples and artichokes to watermelon and zucchini.
Bosque Farms Fair paradeBosque Farms has a motto that is dear to our hearts: "Preserving Rural America." Located just 20 minutes south of Albuquerque, on lush, irrigated Bosque land just east of the Rio Grande, Bosque Farms attracts loads of folks wanting to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy greenery, animals, and peace and quiet. Bosque Farms may well have the highest per capita rate of horse ownership in New Mexico! It certainly is one of the few places near Albuquerque where one needn't be a millionaire to acquire enough irrigated land to provide some real horse pasture!
Bosque Farms Little League Farms has loads of resources and activities, too. Our girls loved their regular trips to the local library, and found horse-related activities of all kinds, from horse shows to ropings, play days to Queen contests to barrels and poles, and occasionally even dressage! The Bosque Farms Community Center holds lots of activities, and local fields play host to youth baseball and soccer teams. Locals can enjoy games of tennis, volleyball, or basketball most any time on the village courts.
Bosque Farms Homes and NeighborsIt's reassuring knowing most of the folks in town, too. Where else would my wife be able to reach the mayor personally, at home, to get him to call off the village employee who, in his over-enthusiasm for spraying the ditchbanks for mosquitoes had twice ignored our "Organic Garden/ No Spraying" signs? And Bosque Farms is growing, too. Lovely new homes, many of them large and luxurious, have been built recently, but all on lots of at least 3/4 acre, and often on 2 or more acres. Most of these new neighbors are also devotees of horses, other livestock, and our rural way of life. This has kept property values every increasing, which is great news! So, if you're looking for a great place to indulge your taste for the country, you might consider Bosque Farms. But do all of us old-timers a big favor: if you're the type to complain if you hear a rooster crow, or want the village to somehow prevent horses from smelling like horses, stay someplace more urban, OK?